About Gondaleo Barge Builders

We build barges ANY SIZE ANY WHERE! Fibre glass contruction 100% foam filled light weight... shallow draft... heavy duty... Leisure Commercial and mining.


Hi, my name is Enore, by trade a Mechanical design engineer with 35 years experience. With a passion for boats so much so I have spent 15 years at sea Commercial fishing. 8 years ago, I worked for a company called Gulf Craft in Dubai, with the knowledge gained there, I was able to put pen to paper and design the first Gondaleo Barge. By word and mouth there are now 8 Gondaleo barges floating around the country. Our barges are all unique and custom built to suit your needs whether, fishing, cruising or camping. At present we are introducing the Aqua Home, a motorized floating Caravan. The barges can be built any size close to the water and towed in once complete, this saves the cost of abnormal load transport. The structure holding the top deck and the bottom deck are light weight made of aluminium. The hull is flat bottom and one solid pontoon with 2 to 4 skegs depending on width, extremely shallow draft, 100% foam filled laminated Fiber glass and resin 6mm/8mm thick. Looking forward to building you a barge of your dreams.