Welcome to Gondaleo Barge Builders

We build barges ANY SIZE ANY WHERE! Fibre glass contruction 100% foam filled light weight... shallow draft... heavy duty... Leisure Commercial and mining.


uDue to the shallow draft, the Gondaleo barges are ideal for mining purposes and for carrying cargo and passangers across shallow waters and rivers.

uGondaleo barges can be adapted to carry motor vehicles across rivers and lakes, eliminating large distances to travel by road.

werywtre7M X 2.5 M barge, Top deck 5M X 2.5M

vbnsdfgAll our barges are extremely stable with a shallow draft, in this photo there are 9 adult men on one side of the barge.

sdfgToilet cubicle under the stair way, saving space!


sfghsfdghNo matter what size the barge, they have similar hydrodynamic hulls hand crafted. We do not use moulds.

sbfgsfdhgSpacious 12 seater interior.


sadfgvxzcvzHand crafted hulls enable us to build on-site, any size any where!